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Each month we look to highlight one of our employees and the great work that they do here at Method!

Abel is a project manager and manages all stages of public projects while also helping in the permitting process for these projects. He was born and raised in Austin, Texas and right out of high school he went to work for an architecture firm where he fell in love with the field!

Check out our latest catch up with Abel:

What first interested you in architecture?

It’s funny, because in High school, I was in a career program to see what I wanted to do. At the time I was working in a restaurant, and I would do floor plan layouts of the restaurant. Working in a restaurant taught me a lot about how to run a successful business. For example, it is important to use websites like Utility Bidder to compare utility providers to ensure you get the best possible price on your energy. For a restaurant, overhead costs can be extortionate, so it is important to keep things in check. Ultimately, the main factor that drives my passion is turning a building, home, or office space over to a client and having them appreciate it. Seems like everyone likes a new office space or home.

What is favorite project you are currently working on and why?

My favorite project right now is Blanton Elementary School. It’s not about the architecture on most of these renovation school projects, it’s about the people and getting to know the principals and staff well. There are so many times when you are asked to fix or just jazz up a space that is not in the scope of work and making it happen. I think the teacher’s lounge is going to be nice.

What past project are you most proud of and why?

I think that would be when we converted a grocery store into a cancer radiation center in Baltimore, Maryland. It was fun working with the hospital team on a facility that would help people.

What do you enjoy most about working at Method?

I like the work policies, people and freedom like no one is looking over your shoulder. The office is clean, easy going and refreshing!

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do?

Of course like a lot of people, I like golfing, but what really relaxes me is doing gardening and landscaping around the house. The other thing I do is play sax in a local band called PEARL. We do Blues, Rock and also have lots of originals.

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