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Each month we look to highlight one of our employees and the great work that they do here at Method!

Efrain works on the building team in the Houston office as a Studio Manager! He grew up in Houston, TX and attended the University of Houston (GO COOGS!).

Check out our latest catch up with Efrain:

Efrain hanging out with his wife, Wendy, and son, Santiago.

What first interested you in architecture? 

I first got interested in Architecture my freshman year of college in Kansas. Like most students I had no idea what I wanted to study and I was mainly interested in only playing sports, baseball. Playing sports in college has its advantages as we had a guidance counselor that helped us out scheduling classes around our baseball season. While working with a counselor on my schedule, I was asked what I enjoy doing other than playing sports and I said I liked computers, drawing and building things. The counselor was honest and told me that their computer program was not good and recommended a design class. At first, I really didn’t want to take the class because it was at 6:30 in the morning but I signed up for it and it was the best class I ever took in college.

There were only 5 students in the class and for our first project that we were given was a group project where we had to design a home that would be built and given to a family in need, donated by the college. Our first semester we learned how to develop plans, elevations, and research codes needed for a home in Kansas. The following semester we got to build the house we designed. This class really made me want to keep pursuing architecture. It also made me a pretty fast runner since I had to be at practice 30 minutes after the class and the field was 3 miles away, and I had no car or bike.

What continues to drive your interest/passion for you career?

What continues to drive my passion is the challenge in trying to give the client a design they did not expect, by finding new ways to incorporate their ideas as well as different and new materials.

What is your favorite project you are currently working on and why?

My favorite project has been The University of Houston Baseball Clubhouse. I played baseball growing up all the way through college and being able to create an atmosphere that I know a ball player would enjoy walking into every day is a great feeling. I also get to walk on the field and watch the game I grew up playing anytime I want. It has been a great experience. GO Coogs!!!

What past project are you most proud of and why?

I would say the Hines Beltway Southwest Business Park. I helped in the design of the entire business park and learned a lot by running the entire project from start to finish. This project really gave me a lot of experience and the confidence I needed in learning how to deal with a client and contractor on a daily basis.

What do you enjoy most about working at Method?

I really enjoy the people I work with.  I have great, hardworking team, who I can always depend on.

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do?

I love being outdoors. I enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding around my neighborhood with my dog. I have been married for 11 years, and we have a handsome 9-month-old son. Getting to pick him up each day from my mother-in-law’s house and watching him ignore everyone as he is trying to get to me, is always the highlight of my day.

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