MethodCares is Method Architecture’s philanthropic committee. This group provides employees opportunities to get involved in the community through volunteer activities and pro bono project opportunities.  Method is a proud member of the 1+ network which connects design professionals and local non-profits.

Method has worked with multiple local non-profits to provide design work for new and improved facilities. With various non-profit projects, we are accustomed to involving more than our clients in the process of design. Oftentimes, we host community events describing the project needs, vision, and potential solutions and aid our non-profit partners in their fundraising efforts.

Pro-Bono Projects

Houston Food Bank

Size: Varies
Location: Harris County
Date: 2012-2020

From 2012 to present, Method has worked with the Houston Food Bank on a variety of projects involving expanding and adding pantries and walk-in freezers to various affiliated Houston Food Bank programs throughout the Harris County.

Austin Nature & Science Center

Location: Austin, TX
Date: 2020 currently in design

Austin Nature & Science Center was established in 1960 and offers indoor and outdoor exhibits that provide environmental science education to schools and the community in the surrounding area. The “Dino Pit” is currently one of the most popular areas for visitors however, during Texas heat it can be unbearable. This project will consists of a renovation to the existing “Dino Pit” that includes adding in shade structures, additional seating and benches, updated walkways, and various other updates to improve the experience and preserve educational play.

Zilker Outdoor Theatre

Location: Austin, TX
Date: 2012

Zilker Hillside Theatre is an iconic Austin venue that has provide live theater to generations in Austin since 1994. The theater sorely lacked certain amenities from toilets, showers, production space, office areas, shade canopies, and other various backstage support. A musterplan was designed for these much needed improvements to be built as funds became available. A team of professionals were assembled to perform pro-bono services with the first phase of construction beginning in 2012. This design brought new life into this facility for generations of theater goers to enjoy

Supporting Non-Profits through Ego-Free Design

With various non-profit projects, we are accustomed to involving more than our clients in the process of design. Oftentimes, we host community events describing the project needs, vision, and potential solutions. We enjoy these measures as they provide maximum feedback during the design process and ensure that all stakeholders have a voice and participate in the process. Our team is accustomed to answering the difficult questions, navigating all needs and providing a positive and collaborative venue for feedback and discussion. With all projects we thoroughly enjoy the process and warrant the opportunity.

Our participation in projects has not always been defined by the typical architectural and engineering services. Previously, we have helped connect our clients with others, providing solutions in the processes we do not offer, such as funding. For example, we have received and connected several of our clients to NextSeed, a crowd sourcing conduit, as well as other financial institutions searching for specific investment opportunities. Another example of this would be our relationship with cities and economic development committees throughout Texas. When our clients have a desired area but no specific site to develop, we have been a strategic partner in connecting them with the appropriate party who has available land. With each project, we search for opportunities to assist with whatever we can to ensure ultimate success of the project.

Interested in working with our MethodCares team?

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Method Architecture is a proud member of The One Plus network. This non-profit network of design professionals provide a minimum of 1% of their annual billable hours to pro bono work.

Method Architecture has provided over $300,000 in pro bono design services to organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters & the Houston Food Bank.



Meet Archie, a local architect looking to shape the health, safety, and welfare of her community through design!  In this activity book, Archie aims to educate and inspire kids to explore the different areas of architecture, engineering, and construction. This book was created by the Method Cares committee in partnership with AIA Houston.

Method Architecture recently provided a valuable learning experience to under-priveleged students of another non-profit space we designed in the Houston area, Creative Dreams Outreach Center. The Center provides a place for the financially disadvantaged youth of Fort Bend County to explore their creativity through art, dance and music.

Staying in close contact with the Owner, Method’s very own philanthropic organization, Method Cares, was able to schedule an entire day of hands-on learning and mentorship  with the students of Creative Dreams in which they were taught the ins and outs design by Method employees in hopes to pique their interest in a future career in the design and architecture field. Read more about here!