Project Overview

Bravery Chef Hall is a modern food hall which features 5 chef stations with seating for 20-30 guests per station as well as community style seating in the surrounding space. The design allows for multiple styles of dining where patrons can either sit at the chef’s station or a community style seating area. In addition to the 5 stations, there is also be two cocktail bars, a large wine bar, a coffee lounge and a back patio with ample seating.

To create a cohesive yet individualist design for the chef stations at Bravery Chef Hall, shades of blue were chosen to be incorporated throughout the design. From the dark blue subway tile at the Atlas Diner to the custom cement tile with blue stars at the wine bar, each station has colors that flow together yet they all include different finishes. Mix-matched chairs were chosen to be used throughout the space, as well. At one chef station wicker chairs were used while at another station bright red chairs were used to go along with diner theme at that restaurant. Large and numerous black wrought iron windows were added along the front wall to allow natural light to stream all through the food hall. The same black wrought iron material was also used for the patio bar glass enclosure as well to tie the design together. Along with that, wood accents were included throughout the food hall as either countertops, vent hoods, floating shelves, or tables. These natural finishes helped brighten up the food hall and accent against the cool tones and modern design. 


409 Travis St. Suite A
Houston, TX 77002
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9,100 sq. ft.



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Bravery Chef Hall

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