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Method Architecture, a Texas-based architecture and interior design firm, is pleased to announce that Holley Higgins will be joining the firm’s Austin office as a Designer. In her role, Holley will help develop the growing Austin office with a focus on interior projects from K-12 Education to corporate office.

As a way to introduce you to our newest team member, we interviewed Holley about what she likes to do and a little bit about her career!

What first interested you in architecture/interior design?

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I decided to become an interior designer in the 6th grade when “Designing Women” was my favorite TV show. Dixie Carter FTW!

What types of projects do you enjoy working on?

The best projects happen when a client has an idea of how they’d like their environment to work (we can work together to define this!) and is willing to trust their designer with some leeway in how to get them there. Clear goals + innovative solutions = interesting design.

During your career, what has been your key to success?

A lot of times we think of design as an artistic pursuit. The opportunity to use our creativity brings a lot of us to the field, but design differs from fine art in that there is also a practical side. It’s important to find a designer who is both inventive and down-to-earth. In my career I’ve found success by bringing technical knowledge, good organization, and project management skills to the table.

What are you most excited about joining #TeamMethod?

I’m excited about the wide range of projects here at Method – everything from industrial buildings to office, public work, and breweries!

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do? 

My husband and I live near McKinney Falls State Park, and we have been spending lots of time there. It’s been a godsend during quarantine to be able to get outdoors.

Best vacation you’ve ever taken?

I love to travel, so my favorite vacation is the one coming up next. I am currently planning a trip to Costa Rica for next year, so I’m accepting suggestions of great things to do there!

What does “ego-free” mean to you?

It goes back to clearly defining the client’s goals for the project. Every decision should be about advancing those goals. I firmly believe that great-looking design flows naturally from elegantly solving a problem for my client, but the focus should be on what’s going to work best for them, not what’s going to look best in my portfolio.

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