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Rebuilding Together Houston (RTH) works throughout the city to make home repair and maintenance accessible to all. After a year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, starting in April, which is National Volunteering Month, volunteer crews headed out to help their neighbors once again. Our volunteer team, Method Cares, took this opportunity to help form a crew and take on a repair project.


Abby Brewer

“Working with the Methodcares team and the Rebuilding Together Houston and watching everyone come together to do something so selfless was extremely rewarding. Not only did we have a great time getting together as a team but it was a great opportunity to help the community.”



The home Method Cares worked on was about 100 years old and had previous repairs done due to Harvey. The house, however, still needed a paint job and a storm door on the back of the home. Our team initially met with the homeowners to discuss needs and wants for the home. Method Cares set up a time to come back and prepare the house and worked with the Houston Toolbank to rent equipment. The week before the official volunteer day pressure washing and scraping were done initially.

RTH had set up a work day on April 24 as a way to celebrate welcoming general volunteers back after the pandemic calmed down, so Method gathered a crew from the office for that day. Tools were picked up the night before from the Houston Toolbank and our team worked all day on the 24th scraping more loose paint off, caulking any gaps in the siding, and getting a good first coat of paint on the exterior, all with breakfast tacos and pizza to keep everyone going! Everyone worked as late as they could and set up a time to return and finish some of the finer details. On Mother’s Day Weekend, more of our team rented some tools again from the Houston Toolbank and came back to make sure everything was covered and looked neat!


Saúl de la Mancha

“Team work really does make the difference. We gathered a great group of volunteers with different experience and knowledge in construction and design. This really made the process smooth, and the final result even better. For me, besides the hard work, it was a very fun activity to do outside of home and office work.”



Working with Rebuilding Together Houston to transform a home was rewarding to not only the homeowners but to our Method Cares team for the selfless and hard work done over past few weeks.


Gina Fantoni

“Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint on a house can add years to a house and peace of mind to a homeowner.  Among our crew we had a lot of design and construction knowledge and focusing that knowledge and effort for a few hours on a weekend can have a big impact on the community.”




Use the sider to view the before and after:


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