Project Overview

Located in Katy, Texas, this daycare and preschool is a ground-up project completed in June 2021 with a total of 16,786 sf. After helping the client find a site location, we worked with our client to follow the surrounding development’s design requirements for the exterior aesthetic. This was a challenge because the original design had to be slightly altered due to the new design requirements however, the end result came out just as the client was hoping. The client’s vision was a southern, classic residential feel. Therefor, we implemented large windows, shutters, wood signing, and large wooden doors throughout the design. The interior had an “exterior” design at each entrance for a classroom with road signs, door awnings, and a faux brick surround.

Magnolia Prep’s curriculum focuses on a mix of indoor and outdoor activities with a goal of the students having a nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming environment. This was accomplished by including playscapes with plenty of room and an outdoor courtyard. To create this outdoor hands-on playscape for the students, we worked with the playground consultant to implement mini bike paths, sand boxes, flower beds, covered play sheds, bridges, and waterways. With plenty of outdoor play space, security was our number one priority by designing fences, gates, and visibility site lines for teachers to be able to watch the children.


23915 Farm to Market Rd 529
Katy, TX 77493
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16,786 sq ft



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