Project Overview

Yi Peng is a Thai restaurant located in City Centre in Houston, Texas. This design consisted of an interior buildout for a new restaurant in an existing building.

The client’s vision was to bring the Yi Peng Lantern festival experience to Houston, break the mold of what “Thai restaurants” are expected to look like, and for the customer to have a new experience every time they returned. The space also needed to ensure that the food itself was highlighted. The Chef’s culinary vision entailed the colorful food being prepared with intentional pops of both color and flavor. The same bright colors that are featured in most of the restaurant’s dishes were strategically highlighted in the design. Throughout the restaurant, designers used bright colors, lighting, and décor inspired by Thailand itself. An artist with a knack for oriental design was brought in to assist in to curate one-of-a-kind wall murals throughout the restaurant to illustrate Yi Peng and encapsulate the true essence of Thailand.

To allow more seating room and take advantage of the tall ceilings, a second floor mezzanine was carefully inserted in the layout. A brick veneer wall feature mimicked an old-timey brick style while the glossy black mezzanine showcases a new and modern design feature. Intricate lighting was used throughout to emphasize the height of the space and various lantern light features tied the design into the Yi Peng Festival theme.


798 Sorella Ct, Suite 125
Houston, TX 77024
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27,180 sq. ft.



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