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On June 25, Method Architecture Houston hosted students from Creative Dreams Outreach Center for a day of mentorship, games, and learning! The children rotated between five stations learning the different facets of architecture:

  • Programming & Schematic Design
  • Construction Documents & Production
  • Interior Design
  • Technology & Virtual Reality
  • Construction

Method Architecture’s employees helped run the stations and taught the students about architecture in the hopes to pique their interest in a future career in the design and architecture field.¬† The programming and schematic design station started with teaching the students about flow of buildings, needs for a project, and the function of the building. Following this station, the students used the lesson to sketch and create their own interior layout for a project. For the construction document and production station, the students worked as a team to design a front elevation for a project, from gluing and cutting out windows, doors, and canopies, to selecting landscape design for curb appeal. At the interior design station, students went through different finish materials of wallcoverings, tile, and flooring to pick out interior design finishes for a project given to them. The technology and virtual reality station consisted of students taking turns using an oculus headset to virtually walk around a building that was once a Method project, allowing the kids to be fully immersed in the 3D experience. The construction station taught the students about the foundation, framing, and engineering that goes into designing a building. This station included a presentation for how different bases for a structure can hold different amounts of weight and materials (seen in the video below).

After ¬†stations were completed, the students all gathered in Method’s breakroom for a group marketing station followed by architecture-themed trivia. The marketing station consisted of teaching the students how architect firms need all aspects of career paths and not just designs/architects to work there. The students helped market various Method projects on poster boards by decorating and advertising the project. The day concluded with a game of trivia including questions and lessons from each station the children had attended, followed by prizes.

The 2021 Architect for a Day field trip was a fun-filled day of activities and games to teach students about a potential career in design and architecture and show them firsthand what all is involved in bringing a design to life. Creative Dreams Outreach Center is a non-profit youth development program offering different programs including art, dance, music and academic tutoring. Method Architecture designed their current building located in Stafford, Texas in 2017.


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