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At Method, we are always excited to welcome our newest class of interns to the firm. In addition to being incredibly talented, our interns bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and experience with the latest technology. We know these students have plenty of options and deciding the right fit and culture can be a big decision. Our intern program offers real client experience, freedom to bring creative ideas and a one-to-one mentoring component to create a successful overall experience.

Without further ado, here are the Spring 2017 interns:

Hunter Heft
Graduate Student
University of Houston – Masters of Architecture program 

Hunter discovered architecture as his passion a little later than some would plan. With a Bachelors in Mass Communication from Sam Houston State University, he worked for a few years in outside sales before realizing he wanted to go back to school for Architecture. Growing up in Montgomery, TX, Hunter would watch his father, an executive at a hospital system, review plans and designs for new hospitals on what he called “butter paper” laid across the kitchen table.

“I love problems that engage the creative process and I have always wanted a career where I can explore my creativity and use it to solve problems,” said Hunter. “I also love how architecture is tied to art, graphic design, and all things creative. School is a lot about abstract thought and made up scenarios. It is invaluable to be able to immerse myself in the real world practicality that Method tackles everyday. When you combine the creative and the practical you get a more complete architect. I want to learn as much as I can about everything I can.”

Hunter graduates in December 2018 from the University of Houston. His dream job is to one day own a firm or be a partner, playing an integral role in designing an iconic project or just several buildings he can be proud of. Or, perhaps, working under a master like Peter Zumthor oOr designing Nike shoes with Tinker Hatfield.


Maribel Paredes
Undergraduate Student
Texas A&M University – Bachelors in Environmental Design

Maribel found her passion for design in the details of how things are put together. She has always been interested in the joining of materials to create something new. Growing up, she always thought she would be an engineer but after dabbling in a few classes during her high school career in Houston, felt it lacked a higher level of creativity.

“Architecture was the perfect field to learn how things (buildings in this case) are put together, how they are built, while still being able to be creative with the design of it,” stated Maribel. “I’m really looking to gain in-office experience working on a team in the real world. In college, we work a lot in teams, but we are never really dealing with a client, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that affects one’s approach to things. Overall, I would like to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding the different aspects of working within a firm.”

Maribel graduates in the Spring of 2019 from Texas A&M University. Her dream job is be to become an architect, with a focus on residential design. She wants to help create homes in low income areas for people in need.


Sugey Zavala
Undergraduate Student
Texas A&M University – Bachelors in Environmental Design

Architecture first interested Sugey while in high school in Austin, TX. As she learned more about the concepts of a building and how they are designed, she aims to one day aid people with a facility that they can enjoy for many years.

“My goal during my internship with Method is to learn about the real life architecture and design with this amazing team. I strive to provide great design skills and also learn from everyone else’s practice as a designer. At the end of my internship I hope to be well prepared to design from a real life perspective and successfully meeting client needs through creativity and design,” said Sugey Zavala.

Outside of school and work, Sugey enjoys the art of photography. Sugey graduates in the Spring of 2019 from Texas A&M University. Her dream project is to work on something that all walks of life will enjoy and remember. She wants to design something that is not only physically beautiful but also useful and memorable.

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