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Inspiring Office Designs

Creating an engaging and inspiring office begins with the interior design of the space. Whether your office is a traditional corporate setting, open office layout, or co-working style space the design and aesthetic are imperative for company culture and brand. Before designing your workplace, you’ll need to decide the message you want your employees and clients to receive when they enter your space because having a bland office design may give them the wrong idea about your firm. Showing your companies’ brand and culture through the design is your biggest brand asset and the tone of the space is set by your lobby and reception area. For more tips and inspiration, check out these 10 Cool Lobby Reception Designs!

Workplace interior design can enhance productivity, engagement, and overall health. A well-designed office improves people’s work efficiency and happiness. This can be done by swapping out the white paint for a bright pop of color as an accent or switching the fluorescent lights for a unique statement piece. However, an overall renovation project or new ground-up design is just as beneficial allowing you to create a cohesive look and more efficient space through intentional programming and space planning with finishes and furniture selection. Creating a well-designed work environment provides employees with an inspiring office increasing mood and productivity.

For your clients and guests entering your office for the first time, one of their first impressions of your company’s identity is through your office space design. You can let your firm’s brand shine through from the art pieces and furniture chosen to the color palette and layout of the space. Whether you want a corporate professional look, a comfortable and approachable feel, or even a mix of both, the design of your workplace can enhance the way your company presents itself.

Click through the slideshow above for inspiration for workplace interior designs from clean, white, and modern to unique, bright, and bold, the design options for your office are endless.

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