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Our Top Picks from MetroCon 2017

MetroCon is an annual expo and conference introducing the latest trends and ideas to the design, building and real estate industries. This year, a few designers from the Method Architecture Interiors team attended the Dallas conference and will give you a sneak peek at some of their favorite new trends and products!

Concept Surfaces Salerno

Color Accents and Graphic Patterns

Utilizing an overall natural palette doesn’t mean that everything must be grey. By incorporating subtle patterns or small accents of color, you can bring energy into an unexpected space. We loved the Topography Carpet Tile by Milliken. This tile has different variations from linear and dotted patterns to graphic symbols which can bring some playful touches to your space.

Traditional subway tile is fading out and we’re seeing bold patterns and geometric shapes create interesting backdrops to complement minimalist furniture style. We picked the Salerno Mosaic Tile by Concept Surfaces because of the strong, hexagon pattern and beveled finish that bring a 3-dimensional aspect to an otherwise flat surface.



A common concern from clients is this notion that the rustic industrial trend is just that, a trend. When done right, this aesthetic is timeless. This “New York loft” style is very popular among startups and tech offices.  Brick 2 by Graniti Vicentia provides a beautiful and economical option to brick cladding. This tile is easily installed and available in a wide range of brick finishes and sizes making it a very versatile option.

Brick 2

Another aesthetic we see more in residential but is making its way into commercial and especially retail is the rustic farmhouse style. One of the characteristics of this style is distressed materials such as wood, metal and stone. The Octolam Rustic Collection by Octopus Products was one of our favorite products because of the character it can bring to a space. This distressed laminate would be perfect for any client looking to achieve the rustic-industrial aesthetic, yet wanted to introduce some color into their palette.


Go Natural

Fusing nature into commercial designs creates a sense of tranquility and gives your customers, guests, and employees that needed spark of positive energy. Utilizing upcycled materials into your designs also creates a sense of trust and emphasizes sustainability. We loved the TrueBlock Butcher Block Top tables by Furniture Lab. These tables are available in a range of sizes and finishes and bring warmth to a space without making it feel too heavy.

Cherie Bartels, Designer
Method Architecture, PLLC

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