10 Cool Lobby Reception Designs

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10 Cool Lobby Reception Designs

First impressions are a big deal. The way you dress, body language and greetings are all very important. The same goes for your company’s lobby reception area. Keeping it clean and presentable is critical to making the best impression. This brand in the Commercial Office Cleaning Services industry can help keep your lobby fresh and inviting. While major renovations are sometimes necessary for an office, giving your lobby and reception areas a face lift every few years can keep your image fresh and keep morale high! Here a few benefits to giving your entry space the refresh it needs:

  • Improve Business Relationships

    Your lobby is the first space clients and prospects experience when entering your office. From the artwork and furniture to the reading materials, your space should support your company’s brand and values. Whether you are interviewing prospective employees or meeting with your clients, the tone of your reception area will enhance and create a more solid relationship with your business associates.

  • Boost Employee Morale

    Your office lobby can also affect daily employee morale. It could be a place where you first notice signs your employee is going to quit since it is the first space they walkthrough in the morning and the last place they leave. An energetic and clean space sets the tone for a productive and happy workplace and could be a good way for you to show employee appreciation and continue to boost their morale throughout the work week. If necessary, these areas can also be flex work spaces where employees can get away from their desks. A well-designed lobby area provides multiple uses for a business.

  • Create New Collaboration Opportunities

    While a full office remodel may be out of the question this year, redesigning your lobby and reception area can give you an opportunity to develop new collaborative spaces on a smaller budget. From huddle spaces to phone rooms, maximizing your space will bring new purpose and energy to this crucial area of your office.

  • Communicate Your Brand

    Your brand is more than just a logo on the wall or on your business card. Incorporating your brand and company values through the design of your reception area can create a memorable experience for guests and a lasting impression of your company’s brand. Your company values and vision statement are important things to establish so that you can define your image and character. See this page for more information on how to do this.

If you’re considering a lobby or office renovation, email us at info@methodarchitecture.com and our Office Interiors Team will be in touch to schedule a time to discuss your ideas!

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