Project Overview

The UPS Willowbrook Package Center is a 258,000 square foot facility that is on a 68-acre site. The site consists of 4 individual tilt-wall structures. This facility serves as a large warehouse for housing packages, a customer service center (4,164 SF), office, truck wash with a water reclamation system (3,861 SF), and an automotive repair shop (13,353 SF).

The package sorting facility also features the signature UPS finger loading docks, an intricate conveyor belt design used to achieve maximum efficiency. All structures are built with tilt wall and steel, including the fingers.  Additionally, the project included a 56,000 SF mezzanine in 52′ clear high section of the building.

The new facility in greater Houston area expands UPS network to better serve customers in one of the nation’s ten fastest growing cities. It’s location provides strategic transportation network access to air, rail, major interstate highway corridors, cross-border and commercial cargo shipping lanes.  Now operating at full capacity, the new facility will significantly increase UPS’s delivery fleet serving Houston, the fourth most populated city in the United States.


LEED Certified Design-Build distribution center


11802 N Gessner Rd.
Houston, TX 77064
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258,000 sq ft



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