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Angler Construction, Burton Construction & Method conducting water rescues.

Labor Day weekend is usually a time for cookouts and family gatherings, hanging out in Galveston or a quick weekend getaway. This holiday will, for the foreseeable future, be remembered by the Texas Gulf Coast community as the weekend one of the largest recorded hurricanes made landfall near Port Aransas. Throughout the 5 days, the storm unloaded 19 trillion gallons of water on the state of Texas, leaving behind massive destruction and hundreds of residents displaced.

Houston experienced a year’s worth of rain in a 72-hour period causing major flooding. Homes were flooded and communities evacuated to higher ground. Through all of the destruction and devastation, citizens banded together to help one another. Neighbors helping neighbors.

As the rain stopped and the flooding subsided, the destruction became reality. Families returned to their water-logged homes to begin the recovery process. Method’s employees, extremely thankful that no team members had experienced any major losses, began organizing volunteers to help at shelters, churches, donation centers and neighborhoods. Our teams wanted to help spread the message for those families and organizations who needed more volunteers so we created a social media campaign, Labor For Your Neighbor, to help match people looking to help with those who needed it.

Method Architecture employees helping clean up homes.

Labor For Your Neighbor, an event born out of catastrophe, encouraged people to reach out a helping hand to a neighbor in need. Teams organized neighborhood plans, rescued those still in high water areas, handed out food and water to volunteers across the city, and helped muck homes. The response from everyone was absolutely inspiring. Labor Day weekend will now be remembered as a weekend of unity when a city came together to help each other in a time of need. Friends, acquaintances and strangers became neighbors.

Method Architecture plans to continue this event as an annual volunteer event to help our city and neighbors recover and thrive. If you’d like to participate in this event with us in 2018, please email


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