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Each month we look to highlight one of our employees and the great work that they do here at Method!

Delanie is a team lead for interiors in the Houston office. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but lived most of her life in Lafayette! She attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Go Ragin Cajuns!) and spent one year at Disney University!

Check out our latest catch up with Delanie:

Delanie and her husband, Mitch, at Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

What first interested you in architecture?  

I was lucky enough to travel a lot with my family when I was young. The best part of traveling was seeing the architecture that each city had to offer, it was always new and different. There was a phase that we went to Disney 6 years in a row, which I never complained about. I always found a fascination with every architectural detail in their buildings and rides. My favorite ride has always been Everest because if you go through the standby line you get to experience what it would be like if you were about to hike Everest, starting at base camp and proceeding through a Himalayan temple. To my surprise these rides were designed by interior designers and architects just like me.

Seeing this level of creativity inspired me to reach out  for the opportunity to work at Disney and take classes in innovation and creativity based design at Disney University. Once the park closed, it was really neat seeing the team of designers and imagineers that would tweak any and every detail until it was just right. Most people would not know about the changes they make to the architecture but that’s what made them very special. This instilled a drive in me to go above and beyond and pay attention to those little details on my own projects. The best part of being in Houston is there are no limits to the architecture and interior design here. This city continues to inspire me to make a difference with everything I do.

What is your favorite project you are currently working on and why?

Grand Parkway Pediatric Dental. It has been a blast working on this project with its fun lighting and full Interior design including everything from furniture, finishes and equipment. Once you walk into the space you will be immersed in an underwater themed environment with full wall murals, vibrant finishes, and 3d design elements. It has been so much fun making the dentist’s ideas a reality. It is never a dull day at the office when you have a conference call about a 3d shark and his braces!

What past project are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of Advance Auto Parts. For this project we took a 441,000 sf building and filled it with offices, training areas, shipping/receiving centers, retail, a 3-story conveyor system, racking, and everything else you can think of to make a strongly driven distribution center. This project was broken up in phases due to its size and complexity. Each phase had its own nuances and it was really exciting to see how happy the tenant was with the complete product.

What do you enjoy most about working at Method?

I love the fact that I can be myself at Method. I am known for being a bit animated and having a habit of telling people to have a magical day while ending a phone call. The Method crew is made up of fun, unique, and inspiring personalities that I love being a part of!

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies and things to do?

After leaving work you can typically catch me at an Aerial Yoga class. Most people have no clue what Aerial is. When you think of the circus and you see a performer doing acrobatics from a piece of fabric mounted to the ceiling… well that’s me! It started as a fun workout and developed into a strong passion of mine. I have been taking classes for about 2 years now and have gotten strong enough to start training in different aerial apparatus’s like the lyra (a metal hoop) and the trapeze.

When I am not in an Aerial class you can typically catch me outside spending time with friends, family, and our insanely energetic dog Marco.

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